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About Wipro Limited

Wipro integrated its internal IoT capabilities and constantly adds

external capabilities

Internet of Things (IoT) has witnessed major transformation and adoption globally during the last decade and is a key focus area of Wipro. Wipro’s vision for Internet of Things is to transform enterprise business, services and process, while enhancing the customer experience. Wipro’s IoT engineering services and solutions span across all the major industry segments namely Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharma, Consumer, Retail, Smart Infra, Transportation and BFSI, supported by 7500+ professionals globally, Consultants with 100+ customer deployments across engineering Consulting, Implementation, System Integration and Global support.

Wipro’s IoT lead Digital transformation is a key offering from Wipro’s EngineeringNXT platform of services. Wipro focuses on bringing together end-to-end capabilities and solutions for the customers helping them in all aspects of IT/OT integration through product engineering, connectivity, cloud platform engineering, applications build, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, enterprise system integration and remote command center operations. Complimented by vertical domain expertise, Wipro’s end-to-end capabilities cover sensors, gateways, connectivity, platforms, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence. Wipro has created a robust partner ecosystem based on evolving needs of customers and technological advancements.

Wipro has built a large partnership eco-system with market leaders in the IoT space across edge, network, cloud and enterprise tiers that enables Wipro to deliver best-in-class solutions in-line with evolving customer needs and technological advancements. Wipro has also developed a strong portfolio of industry reference solutions and accelerators for IoT/IIoT use cases leveraging some of the key partners like Microsoft, AWS, IBM, etc. to accelerate the IoT adoption among customers by demonstrating quick return-on-investment.

Through EngineeringNXT, Wipro truly differentiates itself by providing a unique

proposition combining 35 plus years of Engineering DNA with extensive depth and breadth of technologies, mature processes and innovation to offer IT/OT Solutions and services through a diverse ecosystem to deliver value to customers at every stage of the digital transformation.

IoT C&SI Survey 2020 Awards

Peer Groups

  • Americas

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  • Wipro Limited

Summary of

Wipro's Highlights

Wipro is an end-to-end service provider for IoT, accompanying the client from consulting services through device engineering and machine analytics to systems integration, platform and application services, workflow building, and managed services. This survey is a strong proof point for their excellent IoT capabilities across several peer groups – Americas, EMEA, and Consulting.


“Top-quality service

practically perfect all the


Project manager,


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