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Reply is a large ICT company, which transforms more and more into a multinational group

Reply was founded in 1996 and specializes in consulting, system integration and digital services with a focus on the invention, design and implementation of solutions based on the new communication channels and digital media. With more than 8,000 employees, Reply operates through a network of companies specializing in processes, applications and technologies and being centers of excellence in their respective fields of expertise. Composed of a network of companies, Reply partners with key industrial groups in defining and developing business models made possible by the new technological and communication paradigms, such as big data, cloud computing, digital communication, IoT, mobile or social networking. In doing so, the company aims to optimize and integrate processes, applications and devices.

2018 was a landmark for Reply, as its global revenue exceeded the 1 billion euros threshold for the first time

Reply has an extended range of skills, including IT technologies and architectures as well as the latest digital paradigms. From this perspective, Reply is increasingly focusing on digital transformation issues, such as digital marketing topics, augmented and virtual reality, IoT, Industry 4.0 and blockchain solutions. The company usually works on the development of proprietary solutions to better cover all the technological issues that arise from leading paradigms in the market over time. Simultaneously, Reply is able to select and acquire companies as well as forge partnerships with third parties to secure additional skills and effectively address projects in the most innovative areas. Reply has profound knowledge in all main vertical sectors like manufacturing and in particular automotive, retail, banking, energy, telecom & media, insurance and healthcare.

IoT C&SI Survey 2020 Awards

Peer Groups

  • DACH

  • EMEA

  • Digital Factory



Summary of

REPLY's Highlights

The results of this IoT User Survey show one thing very clearly – Reply is one of the leading IoT C&SI providers in Europe. The company has particularly strong capabilities in the digital factory in EMEA and the DACH region. Clients love them especially for their strong implementation skills and their industry expertise, in combination with a collaborative working style and an outstanding working culture.


“Very customer-oriented company – all the challenges we faced were solved constructively on all levels.”

Project manager,


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